The Conference

The conference is a student-led effort aimed at challenging legal scholars, NGO leaders, and policy makers to confront the humanitarian crisis at the heart of climate change. The centerpiece of the conference, a Socratic (Fred Friendly) dialogue moderated by a former PBS facilitator, will challenge panelists to debate legal responses to a fictitious disaster scenario based on a two to three degree centigrade rise in the Earth’s temperature. Most climate conferences organized for lawyers focus on technical mitigation tactics. While lessons in technical climate solutions are valuable to lawyers, this conference will force participants to directly confront the role of law in anticipating and responding to foreseeable human consequences of climate change. The ethical role of the law is a central conference theme. Read More

Follow Up

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Three Degrees Conference, we are honored to introduce The Three Degrees Project, a multidisciplinary climate justice project housed at the University of Washington School of Law. Our new website,, is under construction and will go live on May 27, 2010.

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About the Photo

Icelandic sheepherder Indridi Adalsteinsson holds an aerial photo from July of 1990. The name of Indridi’s farm, Skjaldfönn, translates to ‘shield of snow,’ and in the photograph, a large shield-shaped patch of snow hovers just above his farm. Two years ago, that shield disappeared completely for the first time. Photograph © 2006 by Benjamin Drummond from Facing Climate Change. Learn More

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